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In Search of the Northern Lights

Lauklines cabins The 30km drive from Tromso to reach Kattfjord gifted us immediately with a taste of the natural beauty that would become our constant companion for the coming days. As we passed through the hills and snaked along the edge of the silent fjord the odd

The Painted Churches of Cyprus

  While many visitors to Cyprus may come to this popular Mediterranean island to soak up the endless sun and sea on offer, there is a lesser known historic side to Cyprus that is well worth exploring and that is within easy reach of the main tourist

5 tips for making the most of a weekend city break

The weekend break has become an increasingly popular method of getting to see the cities of Europe without eating significantly into our precious holiday allowances. Take an early flight on a Friday and it’s possible to enjoy the best part of three days in another corner of

On the trail of the Maya: a Central American photo journey

If you travel any distance through the northern part of central America, the chances are that you will be retracing a route that was once used by the Maya people. While Mayan civilisation reached its pinnacle of development and sophistication between 200 and 900 AD, evidence of