If you travel any distance through the northern part of central America, the chances are that you will be retracing a route that was once used by the Maya people. While Mayan civilisation reached its pinnacle of development and sophistication between 200 and 900 AD, evidence of the existence of Mayan society goes back to 2000 BC. Now, scattered across hundreds of sites and several countries, the remains of the impressive structures of Mayan cities and temples have become some of the region’s most visited attractions.

In this post I’ve chosen to share a few images from my recent trip to the region. If you’re considering a trip to central America, these may just persuade you to visit some of these unique sites.


Chichen Itza – the best known Mayan site and easily accessible from the coastal resorts of the Yucatan peninsula

Chichen Itza – as well as the central pyramid there are many structures that provide a glimpse into life in this impressive city over a thousand years ago

Tulum – the big draw of the ruins of the Tulum is the spectacular coastal setting

Tulum – the ragged stone walls are surrounded by lush green lawns in this tropical setting

Palenque, El Palacio Complex. A maze of alleyways, tunnels and courtyards from the old city

Palenque, one of the outer temples. This building looks as if it is lifted from a fairy tale!

Palenque, El Palacio from above


Tikal: Ancient towers rise above the jungle canopy. The harsh sounds of howler monkeys are constantly heard below

Tikal – the Grand Plaza


Copan – the city here was famed for its intricate carvings. Here is one of many stelae (inscribed standing stones) at the site

Copan, the breathtaking hieroglyphic staircase, now protected from the elements by a canvas canopy

written by Andy Jarosz