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What makes northern Norway so special?

Here’s a singing fisherman to provide a nice soundtrack while you read on (video courtesy of Visit Norway): Norway is of course a land that is dependent on the sea more than most. Fishing is one of the main industries; transport between many places is goverened by

Volcanoes of Central America

There are few more incredible sights than that of a volcano spewing out red molten lava. It some tragic circumstances eruptions can cause misery and destruction. In most cases they create a visual spectacle that attracts visitors from across the world to marvel at the raw power

10 surprising facts about the Faroe Islands

What do you know about the Faroe Islands? For many the answer is ‘not a lot’. This small group of islands in the North Atlantic receives relatively little attention in the world news. It even gets omitted from the odd map.  Yet there is a lot more

10 things you didn’t know about the Azores

Discover your own surprises by booking a tailor-made holiday to the Azores with Sunvil Discovery. Find the real country.

Just what is Agritourism?

Mention the phrase ‘agritourism’ to the average person looking for a holiday and you’ll probably get a wide range of reactions. Some might imagine waking up before dawn to help the farmer in milking his herd; others might picture themselves picking fruit or crushing grapes or olives.

Off the beaten track in Brazil

Thinking of going to Brazil? You have maybe heard of Rio and the Amazon but not too sure where else to visit? I recently visited some of the lesser known areas of Brazil and want to inspire you to travel off the beaten track with me.