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The allure of Patagonia

The very mention of Patagonia conjures images of wild desolation. Beautiful yet barren windswept landscapes where the sheep outnumber the people and the weather can be anything at anytime, but is never dull. So what it is that draws people to visit this southern extremity of the

A day in the Arctic North

Tromsø In February 2011, Will from Sunvil Discovery travelled to Tromsø in Northern Norway. At a latitude of 70 degrees north this University City, with its mountainous back drop and vast archipelago, is a wonderful winter playground. This blog details the activities enjoyed by Will on one

Experiencing a country through its food

It’s been many years now since I was in Greece. But if I hear a mention of Greece and you ask me what is the first association that I make, it is always the food. Sitting out on a warm evening in a short-sleeved shirt, having freshly

Guided or self-guided walking holidays: which is best for you?

I must admit, this is not an easy question for me to answer. We are avid walkers and have covered several long-distance paths, both in the UK and elsewhere. And along the way we’ve learned the hard difference between walking with a guide and walking by ourselves.