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The most westerly island of Europe: Flores, a hiker’s paradise

Go to the extremities of any continent and you’ll probably find yourself in a remote setting. Surely however there are few places as remote as Flores, the most distant of the Azores islands and the last piece of European land in the Atlantic Ocean this side of

7 things not to miss in Argentina

The ‘land of contrasts’ tag is perhaps something of an over-used cliche but in the case of Argentina it is perhaps more apt than almost anywhere. From Ushuaia in the south to Iguazu in the north is around five hours by plane and taking your time to

A quick guide to Lisbon

Lisbon is surely one of Europe’s most under-rated capital cities. Tucked away in the bottom left corner of the European map it is not a places that you pass through to get to anywhere else. But for those who make the effort to visit this fascinating city

West Sweden – a delightful detox

Stephanie Reed from Travel PR in London, UK, recently journeyed across West Sweden with her colleague Karen Carpenter, taking in Gothenburg, the Bohuslän coast and Dalsland lake district. They were not only blown away by the contrasting, eye-poppingly picturesque settings, but thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in the

4 compelling reasons to visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that is well studying before going to a pub quiz. Perhaps one of the most likely pieces of trivia you’ll need is that Costa Rica is the largest country in the world to have no military forces. Another would be the country’s