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5 day trips from Lisbon

Lisbon has many attractions to hold the attention of its thousands of foreign visitors. Often regarded as the perfect weekend city break it offers a pleasing blend of history and culture along with a fine reputation for locally produced food and drink. It is worth taking a

5 highlights of Athens

Most visitors to Greece head straight out to explore its many islands. The combination of sun, sea and sand is tempting enough to scatter the millions of tourists far and wide across the waters of the Aegean Sea. As a result the nation’s capital Athens sees a

A perfect city break in Stockholm

  In recent years Stockholm has become a very popular destination for short breaks from the UK. With plenty to see and do in the long summer daylight hours the Swedish capital offers an abundance of arts, music, good food and some of Europe’s finest architecture. Here

5 highlights of a holiday in Chile

Chile is an unusual country, geographically speaking. 2,700 miles long and on average barely 100 miles wide, almost every Chilean lives both near the sea, at the foot of towering mountains and not far from one or other of their neighbours Argentina and Bolivia. Due to its

Beyond the Beach: Activities to enjoy on the Greek Islands

Millions of British holidaymakers head to the Greek islands each year to enjoy that popular blend of sea, sea and sand. While the beaches and bars of the islands will always be main draw for the crowds of people arriving on the islands for their annual break,