This week we take a closer look at the many attractions on offer to those who travel to Ecuador. While most visitors to the country still use it as a stopping point before heading out to the Galapagos Islands, an increasing number are discovering just how much there is to see and do on the Ecuadorian mainland. In the last few years thousands of travellers have taken the chance to stop for a while and explore the cities, jungles, mountains and coast of this diverse South American nation.

Rather than tell you the story for our point of view, we are featuring the accounts of five prominent travel bloggers who have travelled to Ecuador. Each presents their own perspective on what they enjoyed most about the country and between them they offer many tips for making the most of a visit to Ecuador.

1. Uncornered Market: Ecuador – More than the Galapagos

Fabulous photos from around the country along with tips of some very appealing if off-beat things to try on your visit.

2. Fox NomadExploring the Heights of Quito

A quirky look at getting to the top of the natural and man-made viewing points in and around the capital Quito.

3. Nomadic MattThe Saturday City: Quito

Another take on the Ecuadorian capital, this time offering plenty of tips of what to see and do on a walk around Quito and what to visit nearby.

4. Two BackpackersDiscover Quito

Another useful guide offering tips on what to see and how to get around the capital.

5. Hole in the DonutKick off your shoes in Puerto Lopez

In this account Barbara takes us to the coast and shares with us some of the history of the region as well as some very inviting photos.

And if this is enough to inspire you to make you want to book your tickets and pack your bags, take a look at many more ideas for a holiday in Ecuador on our website.

by Andy Jarosz