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Lights Out, all out!

On the 26st of March 2011, 8 million people in the UK joined 135 other countries in switching off their lights for an hour in a campaign to raise awareness about climate change. Earth Hour, now a global phenomenon, originated in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Following ten

Happy Birthday Atlantic Airways!

At 1600 on the 22nd of March, the Faroe Islands saw the arrival of the new edition to the Atlantic Airways fleet, the Airbus A319, marking the company’s 24th birthday. The new aircraft has been specially designed to better cope with the challenging conditions associated with the

Birdwatching in the Faroe Islands

  Sitting in the wilds of the North Atlantic Ocean around halfway between Scotland and Iceland, it is perhaps no surprise that on the Faroe Islands the human population is massively outnumbered by birds. In fact the islands are considered one of Europe’s top destinations for bird

5 watersports activity holidays in Greece

  A holiday in Greece can be as relaxing or active as you wish. While the Mediterranean offers the perfect backdrop to close your eyes and doze in the long hours of sunshine, for many a trip to Greece is all about taking advantage of the many

Off the beaten track in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese has rightly been called the cradle of civilisation – it boasts many world-famous historical and archaeological sites such as Mystras, Olympia and the Corinth Canal. Historians and fans of Ancient Greece might be interested to hear that there are many other good reasons for travelling

Houseboat rental on the Alqueva reservoir

The Alqueva reservoir was only created 10 years ago and as yet is little known as a tourist destination. Yet this 250 sq km pool of crystal clear water, Europe’s largest artificial lake, is quietly developing a reputation as a top destination for a houseboat holiday. Alqueva

Mezedes-A Greek Round-up

Edward Lear… Why Greece?… Cooking with Alison… The Island Bus… Visit Ikaria for a longer life… Greek mezedes, as most of you will know, are the small shared taster dishes – often dips – which come at the start of a meal or with your ouzo. Greece

Leave the gun, take the cannoli

The Godfather is a film packed with memorable quotes, yet this one stands out from the rest. Clemenza, the trusty henchman, stops to water the plants at the side of the road while one of his men puts three shots into the back of his driver’s head.

Sunvil’s Climate Week

There has been a certain atmosphere in the office this week that can only be related to presence of food, environmentally friendly food at that. Throughout the week, the staff at Sunvil, have been celebrating Britain and enjoying locally produced food as our part of our contribution

Sunvil Discovery’s Michelle and the northern lights

I thought I’d witnessed the Northern Lights several times before. After all, I’m half-Norwegian and have often visited my family in Surnadal. But it was as if nothing had prepared me for two nights’ astonishing activity on my trip in January to the Lofoten Islands on the