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Västmanland – an easily accessible wilderness

In these busy times when most of us don’t have the chance (or the inclination) to be ‘off the grid’ for more than a few days, there’s a growing demand for short wilderness breaks that are easy to reach and where all the activities on offer can

July’s Sunvil Supper Club – Baklava

Learn how to make Bavlava, from an authentic Greek recipe with the Sunvil Supper Club.

Introducing the Sunvil Supper Club

We're launching the Sunvil Supper Club – a way to find genuine recipes from other cuisines around the world. Find your favourite recipe today!

So why did a farmer turn to tourism?

Luis is a Cork Oak farmer. He farms a total of 900 hectares near Grandola in the Alentejo, that’s 2,223 acres or 3.47 square miles of cork trees.  He is the vice president of the Cork Growers Association of Portugal, an expert in his field and the

Achuma theatre in Peru: becoming a shaman

While most visitors heading to Peru have a visit to Machu Picchu at the top of their must-see list, an increasing number are discovering that the road between the main tourist hub of Cusco and Machu Picchu itself has plenty of reasons to stop and explore a

Wish ewe were here? Faroe Islands’ sheep hit the small screen

The Faroe Islands’ association with sheep goes back a long way. In fact the name of the Faroe Islands apparently means ‘sheep islands’ and the woolly creatures have been on the island since they were introduced in the 9th century. Tuck in to a meal in a

The Revival of the Nemean Games

We stumbled upon the existence of the Revival of the Nemean Games through a throw-away comment from an archaeologist, Heinrich Hall, who has lived in Athens for 10 years.  Having featured the Peloponnese since 1974 – in fact, that is where Sunvil’s programme to Greece originated –