For this month’s Sunvil Supper Club, we’ve teamed up with the Swedish Tourist board to use one of their recipes to celebrate one of Sweden’s most famous culinary exports – the cinnamon bun.

This humble sweet treat, more commonly known as kanelbulle in Sweden is a national favourite, and one that has been copied across many parts of the world. They have been covered with a layer of icing in Belgium and the United States, and filled with raisins in the UK, but those with a simple scattering of sugar on the top are the original Swedish favourite. Often made when guests are expected over for coffee, they have become so popular that in recent years it has been given its very own day – kanelbulle dag. Literally translated as ‘cinnamon bun day’, it is now celebrated in Sweden and around much of northern Europe each year on the 4th October.

Made from a simple yeast-leavened dough, this recipe is easy to follow and a great tasty treat to go with your morning coffee (or any time, for that matter). If you’ve never baked with yeast before, don’t panic, this is a great recipe to start on. Made by rolling the dough so that the sugar, butter and cinnamon forms a spiral on the inside – too much cinnamon in the dough would kill the yeast – this is a fairly simple treat to make and will leave you wondering why you’ve never tried it before after your first bite.

If you are feeling inspired to try these tasty buns then simply download the October Sunvil Supper Club recipe card below, it’s as simple as that! We love hearing your thoughts on the recipe and seeing how yours turn out, so please share your thoughts and photos with us – just fill in the comments box at the bottom of this page!

To download your recipe card, follow the instructions below:

– Click on the recipe card image below – this will take you to a new page with the recipe card on it.

– From here right click on your mouse and click the ‘save as’ button.

– Save the card wherever you choose and then open it up.

– Once you have opened your recipe card you print it using your chosen printer.

– All you have to do now is go shopping!

Alternatively, download the PDF version of October’s Sunvil Supper Club recipe card by clicking here.