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Exploring a slice of Madeiran history

Madeira is well known as an excellent walking destination, with many miles of trails crossing the island along its coast and up into its mountainous interior. Walkers will at some point encounter the ‘levadas’ of Madeira and these provide a fascinating insight into one the major challenges

December’s Sunvil Supper Club: Italian Panettone

It is now well and truly the season of good will and frosty winds, which makes it the perfect opportunity for staying in and doing a spot of festive baking. When we decided to use Italy as the destination for December’s Sunvil Supper Club there was only

Zambujeira do Mar: the delights of Portugal’s Alentejo Coast

Whether you’re exploring the Alentejo coastline on foot, by bike or in car, at some point during your trip you’re likely to find yourself at the charming coastal village of Zambujeira do Mar. Zambujeira is home to one of the region’s finest and most easily accessible beaches,

Salvador and the magic of capoeira

No-one is quite sure how capoeira started, although it’s commonly accepted that its roots lie with the 16th century Africans who were shipped across the Atlantic as slaves. When its proponents first arrived in Brazil activity of this sort was not permitted and so it was performed in secret.