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Celebrating Easter in Greece

In 2013 Greek Easter falls on the 5th of May, a full five weeks after the holiday is marked in western Europe. For many people in Greece Easter is considered a more important event than Christmas and for anyone considering a trip to Greece during this period

Monemvasia – A Plan For All Seasons

Greece is for summer holidays, right? Yep, I, too, live in the cold, wet and cloudy British climes, and I know what guaranteed sunshine means. Yet the country’s varied landscape can offer much more than that. Have you considered where to go during those short February or

Manu Biosphere Reserve: to Peru in search of jaguars

While most visitors to Peru have a visit to Machu Picchu firmly at the top of their must-see lists, the natural attractions of the Amazon Basin draw visitors from around the world to marvel at one of the most bio-diverse regions of our planet. Manu National Park

February’s Sunvil Supper Club: Maccu Soup from Sicily

This month’s supper club entry is a guest recipe from Canalotto Farm in the Enna region of Sicily. This farm restaurant is one of a range of rural country estates and working farms classed as ‘Agriturismo’ properties. These estates and farms all produce and cultivate local produce and traditional cuisines.

Kirkenes – the end of the line

  Truly one of Europe’s most remote outposts, Kirkenes has the feel of a authentic frontier town. At the north-east tip of Norway and almost sitting on the 70° latitude line, Kirkenes is further north than any major city in the world. It’s also further east than

Trondheim, the original capital of Norway

Many of us want to visit the capital city of the country that we are visiting but many of us forget about the ‘original’ capital and the important role that it played in the history of its country. One such city, that I had the opportunity to

Azores Gardens – highlights of a horticultural tour

The Azores are renowned for their mild climate which allows fauna to grow on the islands that is not seen anywhere else in Europe. For gardeners or nature lovers it’s easy to spend a whole week exploring the famous gardens of the Azores. Here are just a