I have been in Cyprus for the last three days.  There is nothing like finding out for yourself as to exactly what is going on and how the current economic situation will affect our clients.

The economic bombshell that hit the island 10 days ago was completely unexpected and has shaken the population.  However, the Cypriots reaction is stoical. Although the damage that has been done to the local economy will take many years to repair, there has been no violence in the main cities and everyone is going about their daily routines in the same way as they always have done.

The visitor will see no difference. The hotels, cafes, restaurants and all other facilities are operating as normal.The ATMs are regularly stocked with cash and you will always be able to draw any cash you require from your UK bank account. For the time being, some smaller enterprises prefer to be paid in cash and you should remember that you cannot leave the island with more than €1,000 worth of currency.  If you arrive with over €1,000 worth of any currency and worry that you may leave, at the end of your stay, with more than that amount, then you can simply declare what you have brought in at the airport and you will be allowed to take the same amount out plus up to €1,000 cash in any currency.

The weather is excellent and the island is at its most beautiful as I write, on 7th April.  It’s late evening – nearly midnight – and it is a balmy 17 degrees. During the daytime it reached a wonderful 28 degrees, complete with the blue skies and sunshine we all miss so much – very welcome indeed after the last few months of cold and inclement weather in the UK!  You will thoroughly enjoy your stay and will be assured of a very warm welcome indeed.