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May’s Sunvil Supper Club: Verdens Bedste w/raspberry crème from Norway

Verdens Bedste is known locally in Norway as “The Worlds Best Cake”. After tasting it, you will see why. The cake originates from the northern Norwegian town of Kvæfjord, it’s also known as Kvæfjordkake, and was once an expensive treat. Cakes and sweet treats are a large

On rocky ground: walking the marble trails of Paros

It’s strange to think how some things are considered precious in one part of the world and an everyday commodity in another. This appears to be the case on the Greek island of Paros, where marble is abundant to such a degree that it is even used

Ecuador by train: the Avenue of the Volcanoes

When the Quito to Latacunga railway line opened in 2008, it was quickly added to the list of the most spectacular railway journeys in the world. Passing close to several active volcanoes and circling the mountains in a series of dramatic switchbacks, the route became very popular with

Taking the toboggan ride in Madeira

Madeira is well known as an excellent walking destination – miles of trails winding across the island with almost unending views of the Atlantic Ocean. Yet one of the island’s most unlikely tourist attractions is a toboggan ride from the gardens at Monte down the steep roads

Venice and the Vogalonga

Imagine the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, but with a river packed with boats. Add to that a splash of vibrant colour, with all manner of costumes and outfits worn by the assorted collection of oarsmen. Throw in plenty of chatter and laughter, photographers, onlookers and a dose of

Jericoacoara and a fairytale sunset

  How did you find out about this place?’ shouts our bemused Brazilian companion, clinging to the back of our beach buggy as we traverse through endless dunes of sand. Spend any time in the North East of Brazil and it’s hard not to hear about Jericoacoara.

On the Wallander trail in Skane

Those with an appetite for cerebral detective drama will no doubt have become familiar in recent years with Kenneth Brannagh’s Wallander. Playing the part of the Swedish detective who gets far too emotionally involved in the suffering of crime victims for his own good, Brannagh and the