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December’s Sunvil Supper Club: Pepparkakor (Gingersnaps)

These gingersnap biscuits are traditionally popular at Christmas in Sweden, but also eaten throughout the year. At Christmas they often cut into the shape of gingerbread men, hearts and stars or decorated with icing and hung as decorations. You’ll find them in every Julmarknad (Christmas market) in Sweden

Six ways to see the Norwegian fjords

There’s only one downside to visiting the Norwegian fjords, and that’s that everywhere else you visit afterwards is likely to look quite ordinary in comparison. While most of us have seen photos (like the one above) of the dramatic cliffs and sparkling blue water, it’s only by

Following Brazil’s sugar trail

It’s hard to imagine it now, but much of the colonial architecture of north-east Brazil is there thanks to a single product: sugar. The Portuguese arrived in the north-east of Brazil in the early 16th century and set up their first capital in Salvador on the shores

A spectacular reason to visit Sicily

Mount Etna is erupting again and as this video shows, the pyrotechnic display put on by Europe’s most active volcano far surpasses anything you’ll ever see on Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve: These eruptions, while a spectacular sight, are nothing unusual for Etna. Indeed this was

Brazilian food: the flavours of Bahia

The food we encounter on our travels is for many of us an essential ingredient of our holiday. If you’re one of those people who love experimenting with local food, the city of Salvador in the north-east of Brazil has many treats in store for you. As the