The university city of Tromsø can be enjoyed all year round, but it is between November and March when the city really comes into its own. This is the time of the Northern Lights and also the period when the surrounding archipelago and mountains become the natural playground for a wide range of winter activities.


Husky, Northern Norway

Famed as the land of the Northern Lights, we recommend travelling away from the artificial lights of Tromsø, deep into the surrounding countryside, for the best experience of the Aurora Borealis. The darker the skies, and if conditions permit, the more visible the beguiling lights are to the human eye. You also feel closer to the lights and more connected to their movement.

Unfortunately there is no one to switch the Aurora on or off at a push of a button and I had tried and failed many a time to catch a sighting. This time though, I was lucky. However, even if a sighting had not been forthcoming, I had filled my days with exhilarating winter excursions and loved every moment in northern Norway. To see the Aurora Borealis was an added bonus.

With a wide range of activities to choose from, in no particular order, here are 5 of my favourite excursions:

Daytime Arctic Dog Sledding Experience
The scenery, welcoming hosts and delightful huskies all combine to make this short dog sled tour a wonderful experience. Views of the surrounding fjords and the snow-covered countryside of Kvaløya are enjoyed

throughout the trip and you are even allowed to try your hand at mushing (driving the sled) – highly recommended. Afterwards, enjoy a hot drink and cake around a camp fire.

Michelle & Yasmin Dog Sledding

Michelle & Yasmin Dog Sledding

Aurora Safari to Base Stations

This Northern Lights excursion searches for clear skies at one of its four base camps, each set up in different locations. Although never guaranteed, the ability to move to one of four, or sometimes even all more of the camps in one evening offers guests the best chance of a sighting of the Northern Lights. The guides on this trip are very knowledgeable and add to the overall enjoyment.


Michelle & Yasmin watching the Aurora Borealis

Snowmobile Tour through the Valley of Finn
Starting at the wilderness centre in Camp Tamok, 75 minutes drive from Tromsø, this exhilarating adventure takes you through the stunning Valley of Finn to the lake of Tamok. Whether the driver or passenger, this adrenaline fuelled experience allows for photo stops along the way, followed by a hot meal and hot drink at the end of your journey.


Michelle & Yasmin on their Snowmobile Tour

Northern Lights Tour by Minibus
Chasing the Northern Lights, as well as clear skies, this excursion has no fixed base and where you travel to is dependant on the weather conditions of that evening. Avoiding light pollution, you may find yourself on a sandy beach or even inland at the Finnish border.

Aurora Photo Tour with Professional Photographer
Ideal for those familiar with an SLR, this excursion commences with a short photography workshop led by a professional photographer. Learn how to capture the Northern Lights on camera and pick up some of the tricks and techniques used before embarking on your hunt of these enchanting lights. Highly recommended for the first night of your holiday so that you can put what you learn into practice throughout the rest of your stay.

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Yasmin Zaidi
Destination Expert