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Agriturismo Sicily – a different type of holiday

Agritourism is a concept that remains something of an unknown to many holidaymakers – and it’s hardly surprising with so many different types of activities coming under this umbrella term. Some people might imagine waking up before dawn to help a farmer in milking his herd; others

April’s Sunvil Supper Club: Lentil stew with rice, beef & plantain

Lentil stew with rice, beef and fried plantain is a traditional Ecuadorian dish. It is a simple, nourishing, homey meal that is very popular. Typical Ecuadorian cuisine contains rice, potatoes and beans. The nation is also well-known for its variety of dishes made with bananas or plantains,

The joy of a Norway road trip

There are surely few better countries for a road trip than Norway. The journey from the capital Oslo to Kirkenes near the Russian border high above the Arctic Circle covers over 2,500 kilometres. Along the way it passes through what is without doubt some of the world’s

For the love of gold – Exploring Ouro Preto

We’ll all have our fill of Brazil and football this summer, but my first exposure to this obsession was not a happy one. We were on our way to Ouro Preto and thanks to a late flight decided to spend the night in Belo Horizonte, the main

Spotlight on Wildlife: Jaguar

It is every wildlife watcher’s dream to see a jaguar in the wild. However, they are elusive, often silent and well camouflaged, so the chance of actually seeing one is fairly remote. The Jaguar is a big cat and is the only Panthera species found in the

The Alentejo and its rich wine history

For many years visitors have flocked to Portugal for the guarantee of warm sunshine along its long sandy beaches. While the coast still draws the crowds an increasing number of people are coming to Portugal to experience the country’s wines and to visit the vineyards from which

Sunvil supports charity walk for Noah’s Little Ark in Crete

Anyone who has visited the north coast of Crete with Sunvil will probably know that for almost 20 years Sunvil has supported local animal shelter, Noah’s Little Ark, by collecting change at the end of a holiday. At the end of each the season this money is

Spotlight on Wildlife: Andean Condor

The Andean Condor is a South American large black vulture home to, as the name suggests, the Andean mountains. Both male and female have a uniform black plumage, except for a frill of white feathers at the base of the neck, and especially in the male, large

7 things that might surprise you about Colombia

Having largely been shunned for many years as a holiday destination, Colombia is steadily becoming recognised as one of the most exciting countries to explore in Latin America. Not only is there an enormous amount to experience and witness, but those who have visited the country rave

The Perfect Coffee?

When you think of the perfect cup of coffee, which country instantly pops into your mind? If it isn’t Colombia, then maybe you should reconsider. Yes of course Brazil can serve up a tasty cup and I am not denying that Ethiopia, considered the birthplace of coffee,