To those who have access to the Sunday Times website, click here for a link to a very pragmatic and impassioned article written by John Humphrys, the well-known journalist and BBC broadcaster.

Humphrys knows Greece and its people well and his son settled there 23 years ago, so he visits regularly.

He makes the point that what has happened is not the fault of the Greek people but the result of the greed of the politicians and bankers. Entry into the EU and subsequently the Eurozone transported, overnight, a country which was never rich into a dreamland of unlimited credit, fuelled by corruption at the top. The price the Greek people are now having to pay is humiliating and what is unfolding is a true Greek tragedy.

We at Sunvil couldn’t agree more with the sentiments expressed in the article; we have known Greece and its people intimately since we started operating holidays there in 1974. Only tourism will bring self-respect back to the Greeks, and we are determined to help. To all those who love Greece, don’t put off your visit! The Greek people do not deserve what is happening at present, and the best way to help is to come and enjoy the welcome of the restaurateurs, the local produce and the sunshine.

I am writing from Greece and, believe me, you will thoroughly enjoy your stay – just bring a little more cash than normal!