Kotopoulo tis yiayias or Grandma’s style chicken is a simple and traditional recipe from the Sporadic Island of Skopelos, Greece. Traditionally, this Skopelitan recipe would see the chicken roasted with water and oregano and, once cooked, the juices from the chicken used to cook the locally sourced prunes to make the sauce. The prunes give a wonderful sweet and sour flavour to the sauce. Of course, everybody’s grandma has their own recipe with their own variations. Our recipe is from chef Rigas Gripiotis of Ta Kymata Taverna in Skopelos and follows his grandma’s recipe. However, instead of using Skopelos prunes we will use balsamic vinegar to emulate the flavour.

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August 2016 Supper Club - Kotopoulo Tis Yiayias (Grandma’s Style Chicken)

August 2016 Supper Club – Kotopoulo Tis Yiayias (Grandma’s Style Chicken)


Alternatively, download the PDF version of August’s Supper Club recipe card by clicking here.

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