Dear Friends,
I would like to give you 5 good reasons to visit Greece, all of which are the main reasons why us Greeks choose to live in this country.

1. The Greeks
From the hotel director to the doorman, the Greeks talk and have an opinion about everything. They live passionately, laugh out loudly – in fact I believe that the term LOL might have been invented by a Greek, work hard even if they choose their own hours and most importantly respect their guests. I am sure that all of you who have visited Greece at least once still keep strong friendships. This is because in our big families, there is always room for the friends’ friends.

2. The Stories
From east to west and from north to south, every part of Greece has its own story. Whether a tale or a true story, there is always one. The tales about nymphs and centaurs, kings and warriors, olympian Gods and champions, monsters and heroes have kept us looking over our shoulders since childhood. The historical figures of Greece, whose pictures were on the wall of every school, were considered no less than our great-ancestors.

3. The Food
Greek food is the solution to every problem. If you have a health problem, then you need to follow a certain diet. If you feel blue, then you need food to cheer you up. If you ended a relationship, you need to get drunk with the proper wine. It goes like that with everything, herbs for weakness, fruits and vegetables for athletes, seafood as aphrodisiac help and homemade snacks for a kid’s strength. Name your desire and the Greeks will have a tailor-made recipe for you.

4. The F.B.I.
It stands for Forests, Beaches, Islands and summarises the Greek landscape. Nature is not a word we use in Greece. For example: “let’s explore nature on Sunday” is not something we would say. The mountains, forests, beaches, islands, rivers and lakes have their own identity with a name, a history, a legend, a purpose and a character. If we decide to spend some time there, it will be because we need to relax, exercise, fall in love, collect food, have fun. Nature is not considered as an outdoor activity but major part of our lives.

5. The Gatherings
If a family dinner has less than 6 persons, then the elders will start complaining about the rest who were not available. A proper family gathering consists of more than 10 relatives and friends. Greeks cannot live without a social life. We participate in every local religious feast, national celebration and parade, cultural or sport event. We drink coffee and catch up, we spend hours on the phone talking to family and friends, we join if we find someone we know enjoying a drink and we enjoy meeting new people.

Although I have been in the tourism business for as long as I can remember, this article is not about tourism but it is about learning the essence of a country and viewing it through the eyes of someone who lives there.

See you in Greece!
Best regards,
Sofia Bournatzi

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