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The Alentejo and its rich wine history

For many years visitors have flocked to Portugal for the guarantee of warm sunshine along its long sandy beaches. While the coast still draws the crowds an increasing number of people are coming to Portugal to experience the country’s wines and to visit the vineyards from which

Gothenburg and a perfect cultural city break

Gothenburg, once a major North Sea fishing and trading port, is quietly and steadily becoming a popular destination for a cultural city break. Sweden’s second city attracts its biggest crowds in August during the week of the Gothenburg Culture Festival and for the rest of the year there’s

Sicily and the Baroque delights of Scicli

The small but popular town of Scicli, (pronounced shi-cli) in the south-east of Sicily is certainly no stranger to fame. It is a short drive from its larger and better-known neighbour Ragusa, but shares with it a abundance of fabulous buildings that make a trip to the

Sicilian Citrus Fruits Infographic

One of the most historically cosmopolitan regions in Europe, Sicily is home to many culinary delights. Greek, Arab and Spanish influences have helped to shape the rich and varied cuisine on the largest of the Italian Islands; and it is from one of these influences that we

Great Activity Holiday Ideas on Madeira

Madeira is well known for its brilliant flora and many of its visitors are attracted by the prospect of pleasant temperatures and the chance of a peaceful walk among the island’s colourful flowers. But Madeira also offers plenty of opportunities for those visitors who are looking for

February’s Sunvil Supper Club: Tiramisù

Tiramisù is a sweet dessert that originates from Italy. There are mixed views on exactly when and where in Italy the cake originated but many believe that it was first created in the late 1600s in Siena, Tuscany. The dessert was supposedly prepared in honour of the

Summer of fun in the Faroes

In recent years the Faroe Islands have become an increasingly popular holiday destination. Just an hour’s flight north of Scotland and two hours from London, these small dots of land in the North Atlantic draw thousands of visitors who come mainly to enjoy the islands’ wild landscapes

Top 7 attractions of the Azores

The Azores offer a wide variety of activities and attractions for the steady stream of people who visit the islands each year. With nine islands spread over a wide expanse of the Atlantic, each one with its own character and its own unique attractions, holidays to the

The myths and legends of the Northern Lights

While air travel has made the Northern Lights increasingly accessible in recent years, the chance of a sighting of nature’s finest display is far from guaranteed. And despite the occasional disappointment for a visitor who has been thwarted by persistent cloud cover, that’s probably exactly the way

Verona Wet or Dry?

Just imagine a much anticipated weekend break in any UK city when it never stopped raining. Picture the miserable faces, the hunched figures scuttling for shelter, the dark bleakness of the buildings, and that overwhelming sense of bitter disappointment. Now imagine the opposite: a city at ease