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Celebrating 25 years of operating to the Azores

I first met Albano Cymbron at a Portuguese travel workshop. For those who have no idea what a travel workshop is – well, it’s where suppliers of accommodation and overseas services meet tour operators. These meetings are normally arranged by the tourist offices on an annual basis. I had

Ryanair and The Azores

You may have read a very interesting article a week ago in The Independent newspaper written by Simon Calder, a very high profile journalist who generally champions no-frills carriers and DIY holidays. The article focuses on the Azores and says that the Azores are now affordable because one is able

The Azores and their long connection with cheese

Few visitors who plan a holiday in the Azores do so because of the islands’ culinary reputation, but the islands are well known around Portugal for the quality of their cheese. While cheeses in mainland Portugal are typically made with milk from sheep and goats, Azorean cheese

Exploring the magic of Sete Cidades on Sao Miguel in the Azores

The island of Sao Miguel is the largest of the nine which make up the Azores archipelago. Look at a map of Sao Miguel and you’ll see two mountain ranges in the west and the east of the island; when lava from volcanic eruptions first peaked above the

January’s Sunvil Supper Club: Sopa de Couve

Not to be confused with Caldo Verde, one of the best known soups in Portuguese cuisine, Sopa de Couve (Kale Soup) is a primary go-to dish for a family in the azores and very similar. More stew based, its delicious, hearty and packed with anti-oxidants it’s perfect

It’s all about the weather – a brief introduction to the Azores climate

Life on most small islands is governed greatly by the weather. Farmers and fishermen live and work according to the seasons, while the cultural aspects of island life (such as festivals and celebrations) are often centred around the annual changes in the local weather. The Azores are

Climbing Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain

The sight of a mountain, especially a classic volcano which rises sharply from the sea to a conical peak, is one that for most of us is something worth travelling to witness. But for many people merely standing at ground level and enjoying the view of the

An Introduction to Terceira

Although its name literally means ‘third’, Terceira is the Azores’ second island, at least in terms of population. It derived its rather mundane name from the fact that it was the third island discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, despite originally being named the Island

Far from the madding crowds (and then some)

Heidi Fuller-love enjoys a two-centre holiday in the Azores Ponta Delgada’s airport is a tiny white dot in an angry froth of sea when we veer out of the clouds and land on a windswept strip of tarmac. Stepping from the plane we stare around us at

Volcanic pleasures of Sao Miguel

Black-clad figures toil with man-size pinchers in a thick steam that rises from the barren soil. ‘Beware! Boiling water!’ exclaim signs all around them. It could be a scene from hell, but it’s actually a vignette of everyday life on the friendly, fertile Island of Sao Miguel.