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EU referendum: What effect will the result have on your 2016 summer holiday?

On 24 June 2016 the results of the referendum were announced, and the British people have chosen to leave the European Union. Post ‘Brexit (British Exit), life in the holiday business will continue pretty much as usual. Of course in the long term questions about how we travel to/between our

The Queen’s 90th Birthday: A Royal Visit

As the Queen turns 90, we look back on the Sunvil destinations which she has visited during her 63 year reign. The Queen is not only our longest reigning sovereign but she must also be one of the best-travelled people in the world, having visited over 100

To Scandinavia in search of crime

  In recent years there has been a glut of Scandinavian crime dramas appearing on British TV. They’re hopelessly easy to get hooked on, and despite the need to concentrate on the subtitles (for those of us who aren’t blessed with an understanding of Swedish or Danish),

Tivoli Gardens- more than a theme park

  It’s been a permanent fixture in the centre of Copenhagen for over 170 years – in fact, Tivoli Gardens is said to be the world’s second-oldest amusement park (the oldest is also in Denmark), and the world’s most-visited seasonal theme park (it is closed for the winter).

5 day trips from Copenhagen

Copenhagen has, for several years, been growing as an increasingly popular city break destination. The Danish capital offers visitors a pleasing diversity of cultural attractions, along with one of Europe’s finest selections of fine dining restaurants. And despite its rich history, it remains an easy-going city which

Visiting Christiana, the hippy commune in the heart of Copenhagen

Spend a few days in Copenhagen and you’ll soon understand why the Danish capital often comes out top in lists such as ‘Favourite cities to live’, ‘Places with the best quality of life’ or ‘Most enjoyable European capital’. Despite a lack of an instantly recognisable landmark (sorry,

Highlights of Copenhagen

Look at the frequently published lists of the world’s top 10 cities and you’ll usually find Copenhagen included. The capital of Denmark enjoys a reputation as a clean, tolerant and thoroughly likeable place for both residents and visitors. So what is there to do and see on