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Farmers’ Market in Funchal, Madeira

Wherever we travel, one of the best places to get a glimpse of local life is in a market. With a daily rhythm of buying and selling, shouting and cajoling, along with the colourful produce on sale and the outfits worn by the traders and shoppers, markets

Madeira Walking Holidays: the island’s best walks

For many years Madeira has been considered one of Europe’s most rewarding destinations for a walking holiday. The island is small enough to explore thoroughly in a week, yet diverse to the extent that every walk within that week will offer something different. Here are just a

November’s Sunvil Supper Club: Bolo de Mel (Honey Cake)

Bolo de Mel is considered to be Madeira’s oldest dessert. Also referred to as Honey Cake, it is a very traditional dessert in Madeiran cuisine, which combines simple and sweet ingredients like set honey and cinnamon powder along with some chopped almonds and walnuts for a richly

Porto Santo – an island escape from an island escape

Madeira has for many years been a popular holiday destination for those looking for a peaceful island with a gentle pace of life, a mild climate and a spot of relaxation. For those who like the idea of a Madeiran holiday but who prefer their islands even

Highlights of Monte Palace Tropical Garden in Madeira

One of the highlights of a holiday in Madeira is a visit to the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. It is the starting point for the island’s famous Funchal toboggan ride, in which visitors hurtle down the steep and narrow Madeiran lanes for around 2km in what are

Great Activity Holiday Ideas on Madeira

Madeira is well known for its brilliant flora and many of its visitors are attracted by the prospect of pleasant temperatures and the chance of a peaceful walk among the island’s colourful flowers. But Madeira also offers plenty of opportunities for those visitors who are looking for

Take a hike: 5 great places to go for a walking holiday

Walking holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years. The chance to experience a country at a gentle pace and to have the opportunity for a natural interaction with local people are just two reasons why so many people choose to spend a big chunk of their

48 Hours in Funchal

Visitors to Madeira have no shortage of things to do during their holiday on the small Portuguese north-Atlantic island. The trails alongside the levadas (old water channels) offer great opportunities for pleasant walks through the island’s volcanic landscape, while water-based activities include sailing, windsurfing and even diving.

Madeira Wine – proving that patience is a virtue

  Of all Portuguese wines, Madeira wine is distinctive for its durability. Once opened the wine can be drunk up to a year later and will still preserve its original flavour. The reason for this longevity is found in the production of the wine, which involves heating

Illustrated Map: The Wine Growing Regions of Portugal

Europe is home to many of the world’s greatest wine growing nations and whilst France, Spain and Italy might be the first countries that spring to mind there are a whole host of others that produce some spectacular wines. Right now there are lots of exciting wineries