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Sicily and the Baroque delights of Scicli

The small but popular town of Scicli, (pronounced shi-cli) in the south-east of Sicily is certainly no stranger to fame. It is a short drive from its larger and better-known neighbour Ragusa, but shares with it a abundance of fabulous buildings that make a trip to the

Sicilian Citrus Fruits Infographic

One of the most historically cosmopolitan regions in Europe, Sicily is home to many culinary delights. Greek, Arab and Spanish influences have helped to shape the rich and varied cuisine on the largest of the Italian Islands; and it is from one of these influences that we

A spectacular reason to visit Sicily

Mount Etna is erupting again and as this video shows, the pyrotechnic display put on by Europe’s most active volcano far surpasses anything you’ll ever see on Bonfire Night or New Year’s Eve: These eruptions, while a spectacular sight, are nothing unusual for Etna. Indeed this was

Volcano vacations in Europe

There are few sights in the world that can match the drama of an active volcano. Whether it’s spewing out a constant stream of lava or firing out red hot rocks at regular intervals, volcanoes have drawn tourists for many centuries, keen to observe nature at its

July’s Sunvil Supper Club: Parmigiana from Sicily

Despite the name of the Parmigiana, which means “from Parma”, the dish comes from Sicily. It is typically a summer dish that can be eaten either cold or warm. The name comes from “parmicciana” which represents a type of aubergine grown in the area. Aubergines we’re introduced

Easter in Sicily: Trapani Good Friday Procession

  There are many good reasons to visit Western Sicily. Home to the historic delights of Palermo and the delightful harbour town of Cefalu, the region is a summertime treat for those looking for culture, good food and a relaxing time in the sun. In one town

A day in Enna

From our hotel (Le Querce di Cota) we drove to up to the ancient hilltop town of Troina. Set at over 1100m above sea level, and offering stunning views, Troina was once the Norman capital city of Sicily. To the west is the imposing sight of Mount

Dancing in the street – the International Buskers’ Festival in Sicily

If you’ve ever wandered through central London and stopped to admire the street performers who hold court at Covent Garden or on the South Bank, then you’re likely to enjoy the International Buskers’ Festival. This annual event, held in the town of Ragusa Ibla in the south

Stay cool at the International Ice Cream Festival in Sicily

Cefalu on Sicily’s north coast is a popular place to visit at any time of the year. A short drive from Palermo, it boasts fine golden beaches and a old town that dates back to the days of Norman conquest, over 900 years ago. The city is

On the Norman Trail in Sicily

Visitors to Sicily may be surprised to discover so many signs of Norman influence among the historic sites around the island. While many of us assume that the invasions of the Norsemen, who were initially Vikings but later mixed with English, Frank and Roman stock, were concentrated