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World Book Day With the Sunvil Team

With many avid readers amongst the Sunvil team, we know all too well the potential that books have to inspire and to bring a place to life. On World Book Day, we wanted to share the books which have inspired our travels and which are set in

Holidays in the shadow of Mount Etna

It would hard to pick a favourite spot on Sicily, given that our two weeks on the island produced so many highlights. But for world-class views, fabulous food and a laid-back place in which to unwind, it would be hard to beat our time at Feudo Vagliasindi,

Autumn escapes

This week may have seen the return of some brighter weather but, there is a distinctive chill in the air which tells us that autumn is on its way. As we start to pull out our jumpers and coats in the UK, we look south towards the

A slice of island life on Lipari

A pretty harbour, decent beaches, plenty of good restaurants and a laid-back, friendly vibe; Lipari ticks pretty much every box of the perfect holiday island. It’s also just about far enough away from Sicily and mainland Italy to avoid being overrun with visitors, except for the short

Sicily – in the footsteps of Inspector Montalbano

Is it a detective series, or is it more of a comedy? Having watched several episodes of Inspector Montalbano, I’m still not really sure. The scenery and the filmography date back to the 1970s, albeit with mobile phones and 21st-century fashion. And the endless stream of young,

A walk through time: Highlights of Syracuse and the island of Ortigia

For obvious reasons, there aren’t that many churches which pre-date the time of Jesus. But the cathedral in Syracuse is no ordinary place of worship: the original building on the site was a temple to the goddess Athena, and I find it easy to make out the

Exploring Maratea without a car

The old town of Maratea is built into the mountainside, and while on the map the train station looks like a very short walk from the town, it would be a hellish climb to attempt with backpacks, let alone a suitcase. As our driver negotiated the series of hairpin

An Introduction to Sicily’s Baroque Cities

Sicily has suffered more than its fair share of earthquakes over the years, but for the south eastern corner of the island it is the devastating tremor of 1693 which has created a legacy that today is the region’s greatest draw for visitors. With several towns almost entirely

Syracuse – Exploring the historic treasures of Sicily

While Athens is widely considered the centre of the Ancient Greek world, for over two centuries Syracuse in eastern Sicily was an equal, if not more powerful and prosperous rival. In fact when the Athenian army was defeated in a botched invasion of Sicily in 415 BC, its

October’s Sunvil Supper Club: Sicilian Arancini

Arancini are stuffed rice balls, coated with breadcrumbs and fried. They are said to have originated in Sicily in the 10th century and are now commonly featured on restaurant menus and cooked in homes. There are a number of local variants that differ in fillings from ragù