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Stockholm an affordable city break

I have been to Stockholm several times for conferences of one kind or another. Before I went the first time I had never considered it as short-break city. It was somehow too far north. But, as Sunvil began to understand the potential of Scandinavia as the last

Exploring the best of Stockholm

Gloomy weather welcomed me on arrival in Stockholm! Despite that, I tried to make the most of the day walking around and the feeling I had was of an elegant and vibrant city, buzzing with life. It becomes really quiet at night after working hours. If getting around

Cruising on the Gota Canal

After few busy days in Stockholm, why not slowing down the pace? Take the chance of a river cruise on the Gota Canal on board of an old-fashioned boat – the oldest is MS Juno which dates back to 1874. The Gota Canal is the oldest waterway in Sweden,

Discovering Gothenburg and a case of poor maths

Gothenburg is a compact city and you can get around on foot, but if you have a city pass you can make the most of it by travelling by public transport. Or you can hire a bike and see the city from different perspective – why not

Island hopping on Sweden’s west coast

If you’re only on the west coast of Sweden for a short break, it can be tempting to spend most of your time in Gothenburg, checking out museums, going shopping and tucking into fresh prawns and crayfish. Take time to explore offshore, however, and you’ll discover a

Hidden Gothenburg

For the past few years, Sweden’s second-biggest city has been embracing tourism in a big way, gaining an international reputation for its cool cafés, laid-back parks and world-beating shellfish. But despite its newfound popularity, Gothenburg retains a friendly, small-town feel, and with a little effort it’s easy

May’s Sunvil Supper Club: Swedish Meatballs

When Charles XII of Sweden was in exile in Istanbul in the early 18th century, it is claimed that he took the recipe back to Sweden. Köttbullar as they are known are not only popular in Sweden but throughout the world, each destination differing. Traditionally served with

5 things to do on a summer holiday in northern Sweden

The winter delights of northern Sweden are well known to many: the chance to sleep in the IceHotel, snowmobile or dog sled adventures, and perhaps the best place in the world to get a glimpse of the magical Northern Lights. But the region has plenty to offer

Gothenburg and a perfect cultural city break

Gothenburg, once a major North Sea fishing and trading port, is quietly and steadily becoming a popular destination for a cultural city break. Sweden’s second city attracts its biggest crowds in August during the week of the Gothenburg Culture Festival and for the rest of the year there’s

The myths and legends of the Northern Lights

While air travel has made the Northern Lights increasingly accessible in recent years, the chance of a sighting of nature’s finest display is far from guaranteed. And despite the occasional disappointment for a visitor who has been thwarted by persistent cloud cover, that’s probably exactly the way