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Gothenburg and a perfect cultural city break

Gothenburg, once a major North Sea fishing and trading port, is quietly and steadily becoming a popular destination for a cultural city break. Sweden’s second city attracts its biggest crowds in August during the week of the Gothenburg Culture Festival and for the rest of the year there’s

The myths and legends of the Northern Lights

While air travel has made the Northern Lights increasingly accessible in recent years, the chance of a sighting of nature’s finest display is far from guaranteed. And despite the occasional disappointment for a visitor who has been thwarted by persistent cloud cover, that’s probably exactly the way

December’s Sunvil Supper Club: Pepparkakor (Gingersnaps)

These gingersnap biscuits are traditionally popular at Christmas in Sweden, but also eaten throughout the year. At Christmas they often cut into the shape of gingerbread men, hearts and stars or decorated with icing and hung as decorations. You’ll find them in every Julmarknad (Christmas market) in Sweden

When is a moose not a moose?

Wildlife-watching tours are a great way to add value and interest to a short break away. Matthew Teller hunts down some giants of the Swedish forest. About two and a half hours’ drive out of Stockholm, hidden away down a long country road that rolls northwards through

8 Northern Lights Facts: An Infographic

The night sky is a dark place, with only the moon and stars to cast any light. But throughout the long winters high in the northern hemisphere there are nights that are illuminated with spectacular displays of green and blue light dancing across the skies. We are

Sweden, a country that grabs at your heartstrings

I have recently returned from Sweden, a country that has a way of grabbing at your heartstrings and making you promise that you will revisit and explore further. Maybe it is the beautiful unspoiled landscape of open fields, vast forests, shimmering lakes and mile-upon-mile of coastline that

New bedroom designs at The ICEHOTEL for winter 2013-2014

The ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden will open on 6 December 2013 for its 24th year, and yet again this formidable feat of engineering and artistry is guaranteed to wow guests and visitors alike. I have been lucky enough to visit the ICEHOTEL on a number of occasions

Make Holidays Greener: 10 green holiday ideas from Sunvil

The Travel Foundation has designated July 2013 as ‘Make Holidays Greener Month’ and the specific theme is ‘Link to what  is local’. With this is mind we are creating an Insider Guide to Greener Holidays, where you can view a selection of holiday ideas that are not

Malmöfestivalen – a party where everyone is invited

“I am Malmöfestivalen – a warm, friendly and sustainable festival and I have taken the city of Malmö for a wild dance one week every year since 1985″ So says the website of Malmo’s annual mega-party, which has been welcoming visitors and locals alike for almost 30

On the Wallander trail in Skane

Those with an appetite for cerebral detective drama will no doubt have become familiar in recent years with Kenneth Brannagh’s Wallander. Playing the part of the Swedish detective who gets far too emotionally involved in the suffering of crime victims for his own good, Brannagh and the