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The Queen’s 90th Birthday: A Royal Visit

As the Queen turns 90, we look back on the Sunvil destinations which she has visited during her 63 year reign. The Queen is not only our longest reigning sovereign but she must also be one of the best-travelled people in the world, having visited over 100

The Attractions of Chrani and Surrounding Areas

The Peloponnese region uses the caption ‘Mythical Peloponnese’ to describe the region. It was here that modern European culture was born. This is where it all started. The Messinia region is to the north west of the Peloponnese peninsula and is green and fertile, unlike the harsher,

On the history trail in Cyprus

Take a look at a map and you’ll quickly see why Cyprus has seen so many invasions over the years. Within easy reach of Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Israel, it has been occupied by a succession of powers keen to have a strategic base in the centre of

Greece: The truth behind the headlines – Part Two

We are always keeping a watch on any developing situations that have the potential to impact the safety or enjoyment of our guests whilst on holiday. The current refugee crisis is no different and we have been monitoring it closely since 2014 when the boats started to

March 2016’s Sunvil Supper Club – Greek Easter Cookies (Koulourakia)

Easter is a major festival in Greece – bigger than Christmas – and Greek Easter celebrations are renowned worldwide. Although our recipe includes dairy (for extra indulgence!), Koulourakia are traditionally made without any dairy produce for the people that have fasted over lent. Tip: enjoy koulourakia with

Coming to our TV screens in 2016 – Corfu and The Durrells

Gerard Durrell provided my first introduction to Corfu. His most famous work, My Family and Other Animals, was part of our English Literature curriculum, and the story made two lasting impressions on this reluctant 12-year-old pupil. Firstly I was grateful that I was growing up in what was,

World Book Day With the Sunvil Team

With many avid readers amongst the Sunvil team, we know all too well the potential that books have to inspire and to bring a place to life. On World Book Day, we wanted to share the books which have inspired our travels and which are set in

Reviving the Olympic Spirit – the Nemean Games 2016

For a long time Tolon has been a popular town with holidaymakers looking for a laid-back, family-friendly destination. Of course it has a good beach, but it’s also well-equipped for those wanting to explore the surroundings on bikes or on foot, and watersports enthusiasts can take out

December 2015 – Kourabiedes (Almond Cookies)

Kourabiedes are enjoyed throughout the year in Greece and Cyprus, but are arguably most prominent at Christmas time. The name actually derives from the Turkish word “Kurabiye”. In some regions of Greece , the Kourabiedes are decorated at Christmas with a whole clove on the top to

On the trail of Aristotle, on his 2400th birthday

2016 will mark 2400 years since the birth of one of Greece’s most famous sons. Aristotle was born in 384BC in the ancient city of Stagira, now an archaeological site just outside the modern seaside village of Olymbiada. He developed his philosophical and scientific interests as a