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Tolon revisted

Following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and the total destruction of our holiday programme to that island, we decided that we had to diversify so that never again would we be caught by a similar calamity. So, in 1975, we featured Greece – and Tolon, in

Dodecanese – an introduction to 5 of the lesser-known islands

  The Dodecanese islands have long been popular destinations for British holidaymakers, and it’s easy to see why. Their location at the south-eastern end of the Aegean Sea provides them with the warmest, sunniest climate, while it is this strategically important location which has led to a

A walk in Thessaloniki’s Upper Town

Unlike Athens that shrank in importance after its heyday in antiquity, until its nineteenth-century revival as the capital of the modern Greek state, Thessaloniki has a continuous and glorious urban history. This is a town named after Alexander the Great’s sister and built by her husband, one

Do Come to Samos In 2016!

A personal view by Marc Dubin – travel writer and resident of Samos Greece‘s eastern Aegean islands, between Lesvos and Kos inclusive, spent much of 2015 in the overseas news for the wrong reasons. According to the UK press, they were swamped with refugees. I’m pleased to

EU referendum: What effect will the result have on your 2016 summer holiday?

On 24 June 2016 the results of the referendum were announced, and the British people have chosen to leave the European Union. Post ‘Brexit (British Exit), life in the holiday business will continue pretty much as usual. Of course in the long term questions about how we travel to/between our

Greece Revisited

For anyone who was lucky enough to visit Greece for the first time 40 years ago, every return is accompanied by a twinge of apprehension. Between one visit and the next, how much will have changed? How different will it feel, and how many memories will have

Limenas – the laid-back main town of Thassos

  There are some Greek islands which attract a loyal band of devotees: people who return year after year, who on one hand want to tell their friends what a wonderful place they’ve discovered, but on the hand want to keep it a secret and avoid it being

Notes from the field – Corfu and Paxos

The second of our series of ‘Notes from the field‘ blogs follows the experiences of Stella in Corfu and Paxos. A seasoned traveller to Greece and a passionate grecophile, this was Stella’s first visit to the islands in 10 years. She has returned enthused by her trip

The little-known sites of Ancient Greece

The modern day descendants of the ancient Greeks have much to be thankful to their distant ancestors for. The enormous heritage they left in terms of temples, towns and cities – and the fact that Hellenic Greece is recognised as being the birthplace of western thought and

May 2016’s Sunvil Supper Club – Skopelos Goat and Prunes

Ta Kymata (Angelos Taverna) is the oldest taverna in Skopelos Town and has always been in the same family. The four brothers who currently run the taverna are the fourth generation after their great grandmother started it in 1896. The brothers Rigas, Christos, Andreas and Christoforos started