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December 2015 – Kourabiedes (Almond Cookies)

Kourabiedes are enjoyed throughout the year in Greece and Cyprus, but are arguably most prominent at Christmas time. The name actually derives from the Turkish word “Kurabiye”. In some regions of Greece , the Kourabiedes are decorated at Christmas with a whole clove on the top to

On the trail of Aristotle, on his 2400th birthday

2016 will mark 2400 years since the birth of one of Greece’s most famous sons. Aristotle was born in 384BC in the ancient city of Stagira, now an archaeological site just outside the modern seaside village of Olymbiada. He developed his philosophical and scientific interests as a

November’s Sunvil Supper Club: Galaktoboureko (Milk Pie)

Milk pie comes in two forms, with filo pastry (galaktoboureko) or without (galatopita). They are originally country recipes, from the farm kitchens, where there was often a surplus of dairy produce. The name originates from the Greek word for milk – gala. This pastry version is a

Birdwatching holidays in Cyprus

As the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus forms a natural resting point on the migration route between Europe to the north, and the Middle East and East Africa to the south. In fact around 200 different species of migrating birds pass through Cyprus on their long

Ikaria and the secret of a long, healthy life

Jamie Oliver shone a welcome spotlight on the Greek island of Ikaria recently, as part of his new Superfood series. He went to Ikaria to look at why the island has so many centenarians; indeed a person who has spent their life on Ikaria is more likely

September’s Sunvil Supper Club: Koupepia (Stuffed Vine Leaves)

Cyprus was where it all started for Sunvil 45 years ago, and the Mediterranean island will always have a special place in our hearts and in our stomachs. Cypriot cuisine is a unique blend of Greek, African and Middle Eastern dishes. Meals are often lengthy affairs and

Ithaca – a land of Greek legends

Ithaca can certainly claim to punch above its weight. For an island barely 20 miles from top to bottom and less than half a mile wide at its mountainous middle, Ithaca has held a special place in Greek culture for many centuries. Many believe it to be

Returning home: Kefalonia through the eyes of a former Sunvil representative.

For ten years, I lived and worked on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, Greece.  Week in, week out I would conduct my welcome meetings, raving about the places to go and what there was to see.  I was passionate about the island, after all I had chosen

Autumn escapes

This week may have seen the return of some brighter weather but, there is a distinctive chill in the air which tells us that autumn is on its way. As we start to pull out our jumpers and coats in the UK, we look south towards the

The Peloponnese: Greece’s hidden gem

The Peloponnese has long been neglected by the travelling public and yet this mountainous and wild region is Greece’s hidden gem. Sunvil has featured this area, separated from the mainland by the Corinth canal, since 1974 and was one of the first tour operators to schedule a