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Sunvil supports charity walk for Noah’s Little Ark in Crete

Anyone who has visited the north coast of Crete with Sunvil will probably know that for almost 20 years Sunvil has supported local animal shelter, Noah’s Little Ark, by collecting change at the end of a holiday. At the end of each the season this money is

March’s Sunvil Supper Club: Lamb Kleftiko

Kleftiko is one of the most popular traditional Greek/Cypriot dishes. It is either lamb or goat wrapped in foil and baked in special clay ovens. As with most Greek meat recipes, it is the slow cooking that makes all the difference. Kleftiko is the Greek word for

The Greek island of Samos and a journey to the land of Pythagoras

“The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.” What do you think when you read those words? They are, as you have no doubt recalled, Pythagoras’ Theorem and for many of us they will provide an instant

Finding the drama in Drama

After 9 years of working for Sunvil in the UK and Greece I thought that I had a reasonable knowledge of both the Greek islands and the mainland. However, when Noel asked me recently to go and do some research in Drama I said “yes please” and

Visiting Kusadasi and Ephesus from Greece

The Greek islands boast enough places of cultural interest to keep an avid historian occupied for a lifetime and even for those looking to mix their sightseeing with a bit of beach time, the options are almost endless.  Just to offer even more opportunities to mix the

Take a hike: 5 great places to go for a walking holiday

Walking holidays have become increasingly popular in recent years. The chance to experience a country at a gentle pace and to have the opportunity for a natural interaction with local people are just two reasons why so many people choose to spend a big chunk of their

Fly drive holidays in Cyprus

Do you remember the first time you hired a car? When you signed the forms, handed over your card details and set off with a sense of nervous excitement, eager to explore but also anxious to return the car without giving the rental company any reason to

Marmalade, honey and a taste for what makes a good hotel

On my visit to the Greek islands earlier this year I stayed in several outstanding hotels, each of which were managed by the people who started them and now ran their establishments as a labour of love. While nobody runs a hotel without trying to make at

October’s Sunvil Supper Club: Makaronia tou Fournou

Makaronia tou Fournou (or oven-baked macaroni), as its known in Cyprus, is commonly called Pastitsio in the rest of Greece. Like pastitsio it is a layered pasta casserole dish.    There are variations throughout Greece using different meats, herbs, spices and cooking methods. The Cypriot version uses cinnamon

Books to get you in the mood for a Greek holiday

Ask anyone to come up with films that sell the dream of Greek life and most people will have no trouble in naming a few. Mamma Mia and Shirley Valentine spring to mind, perhaps Zorba the Greek for the more mature folks out there. But for every