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Slaying Greek Myths

To those who have access to the Sunday Times website, click here for a link to a very pragmatic and impassioned article written by John Humphrys, the well-known journalist and BBC broadcaster. Humphrys knows Greece and its people well and his son settled there 23 years ago,

Holidays in the Peloponnese – a short introduction

Look on a map of Greece; just below and to the left of Athens, you’ll find a leaf-shaped area of land poking into the Aegean Sea. The Peloponnese was once known as Moureas, the Greek word for the leaf of a mulberry tree with which it shares

New procedures for hiring a car abroad

From today (08 June 2015), the paper counterpart of the UK driver’s licence will be abolished by the DVLA and details of our driving restrictions and penalties stored electronically. For those of us who plan to hire a car, in the UK and abroad, we are now

Dilek National Park in Turkey

  It’s only a 30-minute ride away from the bustling city of Kusadasi by dolmus (the informal Turkish public minibus service), but the tranquillity of Dilek National Park will feel like as though it’s a world away. The national park covers an area of forest and secluded coastline, and

Highlights of Nicosia

It may not be the first choice as base for a Cyprus holiday, but Nicosia is certainly packed with historical and cultural attractions, and makes an excellent day out (or more) from the island’s popular beach resorts. Larnaca is only 40 minutes away and it’s under an hour’s drive from

May time in Greece

For warm Mediterranean sunshine in May, without the bustle of the school holiday crowds – or the summer scorch and higher prices – Greece is about as good as it gets. A trip in May provides a delicious escape from all that is dreary and dull, offering

Ammouliani – Halkidiki’s Secret Island

While the distinctive fingers of the Halkidiki region in northern Greece are well known as a popular holiday destination, there’s a small island just off its shores which has, until now, largely escaped the attention of visitors. Ammouliani is Halkidiki’s only inhabited island and, like the rest of Halkidiki, it has a

April’s Sunvil Supper Club: Mayiritsa Soup

Spelt either Mayiritsa or Mageiritsa; this traditional Greek soup is eaten at midnight after church, when the priest has declared ‘Christ has Risen’. It is eaten to break the fast of the Greek Orthodox Great Lent, the 40 days before Easter. To download your recipe card, follow the instructions

Southern Albania as part of a twin-centre holiday

When I first saw Albania, it was from the beach at Kassiopi in Corfu. Back in 1990 that 2-mile stretch of the Adriatic Sea separated far more than a mundane international border. I was looking across to what was then Europe’s most secretive and poorest nation. At

The mind-boggling monasteries of Meteora

One of the most remarkable sights in mainland Greece is Meteora, the collection of six 14th-century monasteries which sit precariously on the top of natural pinnacles of sandstone. ‘Meteora’ means ‘suspended in the air’ and the location would have been perfect for monks who wanted isolation, not only to