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Skopelos Cheese Pie

There is one particular gastronomic gift from Skopelos to the rest of Greece: its famed cheese pie. Whenever you go to fast food joints or bakeries in Greece, you’ll find the twisted, round ‘tyropitta’ (cheese pie) or ‘spanakopitta’ (spinach pie) marked as Skopelitiki (from Skopelos). So, when

Remote Control – how to escape the beach bustle on mainland Greece

It’s a sad fact of holiday life that the harder a place is to get to, the fewer other people there are. There are few ways to guarantee you have the beach to yourself – you can hide it either in the Australian outback or the dark

Exploring the island of Spetses

The pretty island of Spetses was a popular hangout for Greek and British tourists during the 1970s and 1980s, before the financial crisis (one of the many) saw the tourist numbers dwindle. It has long been a popular stop for the super-rich, those immune from the ebbs

Latchi: Diving Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus offers plenty of opportunities for world-class diving, with an impressive diversity of marine life within easy access of the island’s shores. And with pleasant sea temperatures year-round (27 degrees C in the summer and typically no lower than 16C in the winter), it’s an attractive and yet often

A day in the Marine Park of Alonissos

Captain Pakis is giving us the lowdown on the Alonissos Marine Park. It’s early in the season, but the boat is full of tourists. There’s thirty of us, all but me Scandinavian. I rave about Scandi-noir TV series like The Killing and they, in return, politely congratulate

Pure and simple: the magic of Greek honey

  Without doubt one of the many delights of visiting the Greek islands is in sampling the fresh food on offer. While here in the UK we make such a fuss about organic and ‘farm-to-table’ food, such a short and uncomplicated supply chain is still the norm in

Sunvil supports charity walk for Noah’s Little Ark in Crete

Anyone who has visited the north coast of Crete with Sunvil will probably know that for almost 20 years Sunvil has supported local animal shelter, Noah’s Little Ark, by collecting change at the end of a holiday. At the end of each the season this money is

March’s Sunvil Supper Club: Lamb Kleftiko

Kleftiko is one of the most popular traditional Greek/Cypriot dishes. It is either lamb or goat wrapped in foil and baked in special clay ovens. As with most Greek meat recipes, it is the slow cooking that makes all the difference. Kleftiko is the Greek word for

The Greek island of Samos and a journey to the land of Pythagoras

“The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.” What do you think when you read those words? They are, as you have no doubt recalled, Pythagoras’ Theorem and for many of us they will provide an instant

Finding the drama in Drama

After 9 years of working for Sunvil in the UK and Greece I thought that I had a reasonable knowledge of both the Greek islands and the mainland. However, when Noel asked me recently to go and do some research in Drama I said “yes please” and