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Cultural Highlights of Paphos

Cyprus has long been popular with holidaymakers looking for guaranteed sunshine and its historical links to Britain have left a legacy of familiarity that appeals to many (think driving on the left and the remarkably widespread use of English). But beyond simply going to enjoy the great

Exploring Ancient Greece and the danger of Culture Fatigue

I love watching programmes on TV about Ancient Greece. The reconstructions of Minoan houses, the dramatisations of life in the Agora of Athens and the stories of the great philosophers have always intrigued me. Even armed with all the enthusiasm that my curiosity sparked, I still find

Paleohora Guests To The Rescue

Sunvil guests to Paleohora in Greece, Linda Parker and David Joyce spotted a little shaggy dog, with a broken back leg wandering about the streets of Paleo. The dog in fact was known to P.A.W.S. our local cat and dog rescue. Khaleesi as she was known was fostered by

September’s Sunvil Supper Club: Pantzarosalata (Beetroot Salad)

Pantzarosalata or beetroot salad is a popular Greek salad known for its fresh taste. Mostly enjoyed as side dish, this Greek salad is not of modern origin but has been popular in Greek cuisine for quite some time. As a side dish it goes very well with

Painting and cookery holidays in Greece

Have you ever sat on the beach or by the pool while on holiday in Greece and fancied doing something creative and mentally-stimulating without breaking into too much of a sweat? If so, then several islands offer the chance to try your hand at painting or cooking, with classes

Team Sunvil Inferno take on the TTG 2014 Travel Crusade

When I signed up for the 2014 Travel Crusade at the back end of 2013 it all seemed a long way off. From the pictures and stories of the inaugural event in 2013 it seemed like the teams had had too much fun to miss out on

Skopelos Cheese Pie

There is one particular gastronomic gift from Skopelos to the rest of Greece: its famed cheese pie. Whenever you go to fast food joints or bakeries in Greece, you’ll find the twisted, round ‘tyropitta’ (cheese pie) or ‘spanakopitta’ (spinach pie) marked as Skopelitiki (from Skopelos). So, when

Remote Control – how to escape the beach bustle on mainland Greece

It’s a sad fact of holiday life that the harder a place is to get to, the fewer other people there are. There are few ways to guarantee you have the beach to yourself – you can hide it either in the Australian outback or the dark

Exploring the island of Spetses

The pretty island of Spetses was a popular hangout for Greek and British tourists during the 1970s and 1980s, before the financial crisis (one of the many) saw the tourist numbers dwindle. It has long been a popular stop for the super-rich, those immune from the ebbs

Latchi: Diving Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus offers plenty of opportunities for world-class diving, with an impressive diversity of marine life within easy access of the island’s shores. And with pleasant sea temperatures year-round (27 degrees C in the summer and typically no lower than 16C in the winter), it’s an attractive and yet often