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Stockholm: An affordable city break

I have been to Stockholm several times for conferences of one kind or another. Before I went the first time I had never considered it as short-break city. It was somehow too far north. But, as Sunvil began to understand the potential of Scandinavia as the last

Experience the Opera in Verona

I am not a big opera fan. Yes, I recognise the well known arias and am aware of the great singers. But I do not rush to see the opera in London. However, I have always wanted to watch and hear Verdi’s Aida in the Arena in

News from Cyprus…

I have been in Cyprus for the last three days.  There is nothing like finding out for yourself as to exactly what is going on and how the current economic situation will affect our clients. The economic bombshell that hit the island 10 days ago was completely

‘Flight Plus’ versus traditional Tour Operator or Travel Agent

Over the last week, the newspapers have been full of articles extolling the virtues of ‘flight-plus’ and how it is no longer necessary to book with a traditional, full-service tour operator or through a travel agent because the protection available through ‘flight-plus’ is identical. Well, that’s not

So why did a farmer turn to tourism?

Luis is a Cork Oak farmer. He farms a total of 900 hectares near Grandola in the Alentejo, that’s 2,223 acres or 3.47 square miles of cork trees.  He is the vice president of the Cork Growers Association of Portugal, an expert in his field and the

The Revival of the Nemean Games

We stumbled upon the existence of the Revival of the Nemean Games through a throw-away comment from an archaeologist, Heinrich Hall, who has lived in Athens for 10 years.  Having featured the Peloponnese since 1974 – in fact, that is where Sunvil’s programme to Greece originated –

Standards – How do we maintain high standards in the face of cut-price travel and the dross it creates?

Tourism is a fashion business and its clients are rather like lemmings in that they all want to go to the same place at the same time.  This year, for those who can afford to go there, it’s Burma. The mass market, at the other end of

The Late Late Show – the true cost of Sunvil Greece deals

There is always a price at which the mass-market books late holidays (two to three weeks before departure) and currently that seems to be at around £150 to £180 per person for one week including flights, transfers and self-catering accommodation. These prices do not only apply to

The downside of flying on no-frills flights…

I haven’t flown on either Ryanair or easyJet for quite some time. I always avoid Ryanair because I object to the way its passengers are treated. As far as I am concerned, this airline makes a sport of demeaning its clients and of using every trick in

Visiting Greece, meeting up with our reps – and the Nemean Games, 23rd June!

Our overseas representatives are the vital front-of-line, client-facing staff for Sunvil and its sister company GIC The Villa Collection.  Many have been with us for years.  Linda on Crete has worked in Chania for Sunvil for over 25 years – Monty Don was filmed doing her job