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Notes from the field – Brazil

Our Latin America expert Will recently visited Brazil - read his highlights

Small-ship Amazon cruises

A look at unforgettable cruise trips on the Rio Negro and the Amazon aboard the M/V Tucano, a small boat designed for comfortable exploration.

Notes from the field – Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay Trip

Sunvil's latest blog exploring Argentina and Brazil.

Five unreal places in South America you have to visit

Our latest blog is guaranteed to whet your appetite for a trip to South America and to expand your travel bucket list.

Barra da Tijuca – a very modern side of Rio

A short introduction to Barra da Tijuca, a recently developed suburb of Rio de Janeiro and the site of the Olympic Stadium for the 2016 games.

The Queen’s 90th Birthday: A Royal Visit

As the Queen turns 90, we look back on the Sunvil destinations which she has visited during her 63 year reign.

Petropolis and a breath of fresh air

Petropolis offers a pleasant day trip from the traffic chaos of Rio, and provides an insight into the lives of Brazil's former royal family.

January 2016’s Sunvil Supper Club – Moqueca (Brazilian Seafood Casserole)

Get a taste of the real Brazil with our authentic Maqueca recipe in January's Sunvil Supper Club.

Celebrating Carnival in South America

A look at the best-known and some of the lesser-known annual Carnival celebrations across South America. Find the real country.

Rio’s giant floating Christmas tree

The world's largest floating Christmas tree is making its 20th appearance in 2015. The tree is set against the spectacular backdrop of Rio.