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Autumn escapes

This week may have seen the return of some brighter weather but, there is a distinctive chill in the air which tells us that autumn is on its way. As we start to pull out our jumpers and coats in the UK, we look south towards the

Re-interpreting the myths of Medellin

By Flora Baker Twenty years ago, tourists didn’t travel to Colombia. There were a number of reasons why: the threat of guerrilla warfare, the internal violence precipitated by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the burgeoning cocaine trade. Even now Colombia is dogged with stereotypical stories of how

Searching out the street lifestyle in Cartagena

When I first arrived in Cartagena I was well aware of the UNESCO-level beauty that I’d find in its maze of narrow streets and protective high walls. This coastal Colombian city once stood as the Spaniards’ main gateway into and out of South America – which meant

The best 7 Festivals in Latin America

1 – Flower Fair in Medellin, Colombia – 1-10 August every year The city of Medellin is adorned with garlands of flowers and colours to mark the annual Flower Fair. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few days viewing different kinds of parades, competitions, folkloric

Highlights of Bogota

When I talk to fellow travel writers about their most memorable recent travels, one place that keeps cropping up is Colombia. After years of suffering a less than rosy reputation Colombia is firmly back on the tourist map and it seems as though it has one thing

Ancient Inca roads spanning 6 countries granted World Heritage status

Last month, the Andean road system ‘Qhapaq Ñan’ across Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru was granted UNESCO World Heritage status. It is the first time multiple countries have worked together to register one site on the heritage list. Qhapaq Ñan has been selected for its

Spotlight on Wildlife: Andean Condor

The Andean Condor is a South American large black vulture home to, as the name suggests, the Andean mountains. Both male and female have a uniform black plumage, except for a frill of white feathers at the base of the neck, and especially in the male, large

7 things that might surprise you about Colombia

Having largely been shunned for many years as a holiday destination, Colombia is steadily becoming recognised as one of the most exciting countries to explore in Latin America. Not only is there an enormous amount to experience and witness, but those who have visited the country rave

The Perfect Coffee?

When you think of the perfect cup of coffee, which country instantly pops into your mind? If it isn’t Colombia, then maybe you should reconsider. Yes of course Brazil can serve up a tasty cup and I am not denying that Ethiopia, considered the birthplace of coffee,