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Birdwatching holidays in Guatemala

Central America is well known as a leading birdwatching destination, with many¬†of the world’s most brightly coloured birds, most of which are found nowhere else on the planet. While serious birders will head off for the day with binoculars, big camera lenses and checklists of birds they

A Colourful Kite Festival in Guatemala

Across Latin America, the Day of the Dead (November 1) is marked in a variety of ways, ranging from the sombre to the festive, from the mournful to the bizarre. While the day is an important one in the Roman Catholic calendar, the festivities often have little

Volcanoes of Central America

There are few more incredible sights than that of a volcano spewing out red molten lava. It some tragic circumstances eruptions can cause misery and destruction. In most cases they create a visual spectacle that attracts visitors from across the world to marvel at the raw power

On the trail of the Maya: a Central American photo journey

If you travel any distance through the northern part of central America, the chances are that you will be retracing a route that was once used by the Maya people. While Mayan civilisation reached its pinnacle of development and sophistication between 200 and 900 AD, evidence of