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April 2016’s Sunvil Supper Club – Panamanian Stew (Sancocho)

Sancocho is the National dish of Panama and probably the most popular soup (virtually a stew) in Central America. It originates from the Azuero peninsula, and is made with chicken, vegetables, tomatoes, coriander, ñame and Yuca. Like many Latin America dishes, it can vary slightly from region

Panama, a real eye opener

My trip to Panama earlier this year was a real eye opener. Panama is famous for its canal that allows ships to travel between the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean without travelling the whole length of South America, and this amazing feat of engineering is worthy of

A Panamanian Adventure

Reservations consultant Kier Collings enjoyed a 2 week trip exploring one of the newest additions to the Sunvil Traveller destination portfolio: Panama.This was my first trip to Panama but, hopefully, it won’t be my last! After working hard to get organised with office duties I was looking