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The Peloponnese: Greece’s hidden gem

The Peloponnese has long been neglected by the travelling public and yet this mountainous and wild region is Greece’s hidden gem. Sunvil has featured this area, separated from the mainland by the Corinth canal, since 1974 and was one of the first tour operators to schedule a

Golf Holidays in Cyprus

For those who consider a round (or more) of golf as an essential part of their holidays, Cyprus offers a year-round option with several courses within easy driving distance of the main coastal towns. The high summer temperatures may necessitate an early or late round, but for the rest

August’s Sunvil Supper Club: Xtapodi Kofto (Octopus Pasta)

Traditionally, this is a dish that is served during Greek lent and often consumed on the first day of lent known as Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday). Although this dish may seem strange to some, many Greeks consider it as a comfort food. It’s combination of lean protein,

Why now is a good time to go to Greece

It was very encouraging to read the Lonely Planet article on ‘Why now is a good time to go to Greece’. Of course at Sunvil we’ve been telling everyone to do so all year as there was never a problem for tourists ­and we were proved right. It has

Volcano Walks in the Azores

  The Azores have for many years been a popular destination for walking holidays, but the islands’ network of hiking trails boast one feature which few other places can match. Many of the walks on these mid-Atlantic islands pass around, or even through, some of the once-active volcanoes

Follow in Rick Steins food-prints in the Mani

The Mani peninsula stretches from just south of Kalamata to Cape Tainaro – the southernmost point of mainland Greece – and encompasses the pretty coastal villages of Kardamili and Aghios Nikolaos and the family-friendly resort of Stoupa. Inland are the mountains of the Taygetus which hide gorges, Byzantine churches and the

The truth behind the headlines: Migrants in Greece.

Greece has suffered from exaggerated press comments as to the effect on tourists of the country’s economic problems and now the interest and emphasis has switched to the refugee influx onto the islands bordering Turkey. Remember, journalists always seek out bad news as it is bad news

A slice of island life on Lipari

A pretty harbour, decent beaches, plenty of good restaurants and a laid-back, friendly vibe; Lipari ticks pretty much every box of the perfect holiday island. It’s also just about far enough away from Sicily and mainland Italy to avoid being overrun with visitors, except for the short

Driving bliss: the National Tourist Routes in Norway

Within a few minutes of leaving the airport in Tromsø I was experiencing those two magical ingredients that anyone who has driven in Norway will immediately recognise. The contrast between the traffic I’d faced on the way to Stansted that morning and the empty road I was

The Osa Peninsula Expedition – Costa Rica July 2015

Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE On our recent expedition to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, our 12 strong team were engaged in a number of tasks to assist the Corcovado National Park. This is said to be the last unspoiled tropical rain forest in Central America and it is