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May 2016’s Sunvil Supper Club – Skopelos Goat and Prunes

Ta Kymata (Angelos Taverna) is the oldest taverna in Skopelos Town and has always been in the same family. The four brothers who currently run the taverna are the fourth generation after their great grandmother started it in 1896. The brothers Rigas, Christos, Andreas and Christoforos started

Esteros del Iberá – Argentina’s secret natural wonder

The Esteros del Iberá (Iberá Marsh) is the world’s second largest freshwater wetland, and the largest protected area in Argentina. In effect it’s a giant shallow basin holding millions of gallons of water from the region’s rivers, streams and bogs, and this delicate environment provides a perfect

On the Trail of Aristotle

Every place in Greece lays claim to an ancient sage, but the region around the unassuming village of Olymbiada trumps them all. The ruins of nearby Stageira claim none other than Aristotle who was born there a dizzying 2400 years ago. Teacher of Alexander the Great and

Notes from the field – Puglia

New from Sunvil for 2016, is a series of blogs called ‘Notes from the field’. These articles will follow the Sunvil team as they explore our destinations in search of hidden gems and to hand-pick our holiday accommodation. Like people, a country develops and grows and with every

Discover the alternative activities on Ikaria

One of Greece’s most unusual yet beautiful islands, Ikaria has much to offer visitors. Its forests, mountains and beaches combine with the island’s many legends, foibles and traditions in a spectacular Aegean cocktail. Named after Ikarus, who flew too close to the sun and plunged into the

Obelisco of Buenos Aires

On 23 May, Argentina’s most iconic 67-metre tall monument will celebrate its 80th anniversary. It was erected in a record time of just 31 days with 157 workers and it commemorates four key events in the city’s history. The first and second foundings; the first raising of

Greece: The truth behind the headlines – Part Three

We are always keeping a watch on any developing situations that have the potential to impact the safety or enjoyment of our guests whilst on holiday. The current refugee crisis is no different and we have been monitoring it closely since 2014 when the boats started to

The legends and charms of Lemnos

If you were to sit down and list all that’s best about a holiday on the Greek islands, it’s likely that Lemnos will manage to tick pretty much every item on that list. With great beaches, pretty coves, historical attractions and a way of life that doesn’t

Italy and the joy of gelato

  Few people spend a holiday in Italy and fail to fall for the delights of gelato, the Italian version of ice cream which brings so much joy to so many. I discovered that even Italian men, known for their machismo (which is, after all, an Italian word),

Greek Easter – in 2016, it’s the weekend of 29th April to 2nd May

Easter is the highlight of the Greek calendar. As Easter approaches, you feel a different tempo building up throughout the country. Taverna and restaurant owners around the islands busily spruce up their properties in readiness for the year ahead. Hotels begin to open, and last-minute touches are