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Torshavn – the capital that’s more like a small town

Torshavn is not your typical capital city. Home to barely 20,000 people and with a modest selection of restaurants and bars, for most of the year it has the feel of a small provincial town (if you arrive during the annual St Olaf’s Day wild celebrations your experience will certainly

Experience the unique Ice Concert in Luleå

A visit to Luleå in Northern Sweden at any time of year is a delight but especially so in winter time. There are a number of winter activities to choose from including snowmobiling across the frozen Bothnia Sea on a pack ice tour; gliding along the snow

Exploring Ancient Greece and the danger of Culture Fatigue

I love watching programmes on TV about Ancient Greece. The reconstructions of Minoan houses, the dramatisations of life in the Agora of Athens and the stories of the great philosophers have always intrigued me. Even armed with all the enthusiasm that my curiosity sparked, I still find

Re-interpreting the myths of Medellin

By Flora Baker Twenty years ago, tourists didn’t travel to Colombia. There were a number of reasons why: the threat of guerrilla warfare, the internal violence precipitated by drug kingpin Pablo Escobar and the burgeoning cocaine trade. Even now Colombia is dogged with stereotypical stories of how

Winter adventures in northern Sweden

As if the prospect of seeing the magical Northern Lights aren’t reason enough to make plans to head to northern Sweden in the winter, there are plenty of activities on offer for visitors beyond staring in the sky in search of bright colours. The winter landscape of

Holiday Choices in the Alentejo

There’s not much that’s consistent or predictable about the holidays we choose. There are always just too many things to consider – what time we can go, whether we’d like somewhere new or somewhere familiar, whether we want to be up and active or relaxed and replete.

Paleohora Guests To The Rescue

Sunvil guests to Paleohora in Greece, Linda Parker and David Joyce spotted a little shaggy dog, with a broken back leg wandering about the streets of Paleo. The dog in fact was known to P.A.W.S. our local cat and dog rescue. Khaleesi as she was known was fostered by

September’s Sunvil Supper Club: Pantzarosalata (Beetroot Salad)

Pantzarosalata or beetroot salad is a popular Greek salad known for its fresh taste. Mostly enjoyed as side dish, this Greek salad is not of modern origin but has been popular in Greek cuisine for quite some time. As a side dish it goes very well with

Porto Santo – an island escape from an island escape

Madeira has for many years been a popular holiday destination for those looking for a peaceful island with a gentle pace of life, a mild climate and a spot of relaxation. For those who like the idea of a Madeiran holiday but who prefer their islands even

Falsterbo: the Swedish Riviera

By Maxine Sheppard If you’ve seen the Scandi-noir TV crime series The Bridge you’ll be familiar with the remarkable feat of engineering that links Sweden and Denmark across the Öresund strait. Like me, you might have been chilled to the core by some of the gruelling scenes