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Dilek National Park in Turkey

  It’s only a 30-minute ride away from the bustling city of Kusadasi by dolmus (the informal Turkish public minibus service), but the tranquillity of Dilek National Park will feel like as though it’s a world away. The national park covers an area of forest and secluded coastline, and

Ryanair and The Azores

You may have read a very interesting article a week ago in The Independent newspaper written by Simon Calder, a very high profile journalist who generally champions no-frills carriers and DIY holidays. The article focuses on the Azores and says that the Azores are now affordable because one is able

Pastel de Nata – more than just a dessert

  It’s a remarkably simple snack, yet its roots and its influence have spread far and wide, and to a surprising extent mirror that of Portugal, the country in which it was created. The pastel de nata, or Portuguese egg tart, is a small puff pastry filled

Highlights of Nicosia

It may not be the first choice as base for a Cyprus holiday, but Nicosia is certainly packed with historical and cultural attractions, and makes an excellent day out (or more) from the island’s popular beach resorts. Larnaca is only 40 minutes away and it’s under an hour’s drive from

The latest financial shenanigans in Greece

Will they, won’t they? It seems to be dragging on forever.  In fact, the fashionable word is no longer ‘Grexit’ but ‘Grimbo’, meaning Greece still in Limbo. Personally, I believe there will be a fudged solution because neither side wants the consequences of a Greek bankruptcy. However,

The Azores and their long connection with cheese

Few visitors who plan a holiday in the Azores do so because of the islands’ culinary reputation, but the islands are well known around Portugal for the quality of their cheese. While cheeses in mainland Portugal are typically made with milk from sheep and goats, Azorean cheese

Wildlife Wonders of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is renowned as an excellent destination for wildlife lovers. With an abundance of colourful and unusual creatures on land and water, as well as some of the world’s most progressive conservation policies, the small Central American nation offers a chance to see many memorable species

Dot com or dot con? Don’t be a victim of holiday fraud

The report by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau stating that consumers had lost £2.2 million last year to online holiday fraudsters must send a chill through the hearts of the holidaying public. Sunvil takes 15% of its bookings to Greece, Cyprus and the Azores on-line and next

Pain and pleasure: Hiking the hills of the Faroe Islands

Take a walk for more than a few minutes in the Faroe Islands and you’re guaranteed to come up against a big hill. The terrain of the 18 islands of this sub-Arctic archipelago is so uneven that pretty much anywhere offers a view of an intimidating mountain

May time in Greece

For warm Mediterranean sunshine in May, without the bustle of the school holiday crowds – or the summer scorch and higher prices – Greece is about as good as it gets. A trip in May provides a delicious escape from all that is dreary and dull, offering