Europe is home to many of the world’s greatest wine growing nations and whilst France, Spain and Italy might be the first countries that spring to mind there are a whole host of others that produce some spectacular wines. Right now there are lots of exciting wineries appearing from across Europe’s lesser known wine-producing countries, like those of Greece and Romania; but of all Europe’s  wine producers one of the most over-looked is Portugal.

Whether we are talking about a full-bodied red from the Alentejo, an artisan white from the Azores, port from the Douro valley or the fortified wine of Madeira, Portugal and its territories have centuries-old traditions of wine making. Anyone who has been on a holiday to Portugal and stopped off in a local tavern or had a local bottle recommended in a family run restaurant will no doubt attest to the fact that Portuguese wines can stand their own against Europe’s finest.

There are lots of different regions producing their own speciality wines across Portugal, each using its location and the unique conditions of its region to make a unique wine. It is useful then to know where the different wine producing regions are. We have taken what we know about regional Portugal and made this map for you, so next time you wonder where that Portuguese Pinot noir actually comes from you know exactly where to look!

Portuguese wine regions map

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